About the Designer

  Son of a Master at sea, from a family of many sailers (he is the youngest at the left), the designer was very early attracted by boat related matters.
His grandfather, a former Cape Horn rounder, had himself, while retired, designed, built and sailed a ship of his own.  
Despite this heredity, he did not feel that confident when designing his very first boats,which explains he would never leave his buoy.
So he decided he should study seriously

He always kept boats in mind

until he entered New York University

    and simply forgot his childhood's dreams

Sadly, it took 25 more years

before he would design EGOIST and have it freely given to you.


it took 15 more years to get Egoist plans made available again on the web

as they had been lost after the bankruptcy of multimania web-hosting service

So you'd better hurry getting Egoist plans and building it

as it is a once in a lifetime boat

Egoist Claude L'Honnen