they said about Egoist

Looks like a great boat. I was currently looking for a boat design to build and would like very much to build this one.

Max, North Carolina, USA

I am totally interested and so lucky to find your site with this amazing free option. Thanks !

Martin, Germany

I have previously built 5 wood boats and think you have done an incredible job on the boat and the web site.

Gary, Alberta, Canada

Looks like the best boat I have ever seen . The beautiful, perfect boat ! Thank you very much.

Oleg, Kaliningrad, Russia

A wonderful and thought provoking design. Will build small model and dream from now on..

Raymond, Texas, USA

What a beautiful boat ! Congratulations.

Chris, Victoria, Australia

Egoist looks like a wonderful boat and I can't wait to build the model.

Kevin, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

The Egoist is the perfect boat I am looking to build. Thanks

Mike, texas, USA

I like the design of Egoist very much and fell immediately in love with this boat.

Michael, Vienna, Austria

It looks like a great project and I am looking to build something just like this.

Jeff, Dorset, England

Thanks for your great offer. I spent a number of hours cruising around Egoist website.

Andre, Hessen, Germany

This terrific 5.5m is just the prettiest hull shape and the foils and rig variations are very interesting. Thanks for your generous offer of free plans.

Gary, USA

Such a good work ! It seems to be a great boat and I am ready to build it.

Orbun, Turkey

I think this is a wonderful looking boat and the idea is even better ! The rig is perfect as I have owned a junk rig 21' cruiser! Thank you.

Jon, Cheshire, UK

I believe Egoist looks really great!  Your concept seems to be just about right - a great balance between the many variables one considers!   I have enjoyed browsing through your web site.

Fred, USA


It is very kind of you to share your plans.

Ye, Australia

Chapeau, il a l'air super ce "jouet". Bonne suite!

Christophe, France

Looks like a great boat !

Joel, Idaho, USA

The design of the boat looks very interesting and attractive. Thanks very much for providing plans free of charge.

Rudi, Germany

What a stunning Web-site! I hope you will continue to keep the site updated as your project develops.  Best wishes!

William, Minnesota, USA

I would like to congratulate on your fantastic little boat, it looks so great.

Jon, Hong Kong China

I put your site on my favourite's list. I do like the lines and the design philosophy of the EGOIST. Thanks for making the plans so available

Stephen, USA

Egoist design is very enticing. Thank you for being so generous with your efforts.

Neil, Canada

Sincere congratulations for your boat design and the sharing of it.

Paulo, Portugal

I have designed and built two boats already. They are not as lovely as your Egoist ... I must have your plans !

Will, Ohio, USA

It is a fantastic looking boat.Thanks for making it available

John, Great Britain

Congratulations to your excellent website & boat design! This has got to be the best boatbuilding offer on the web. I would very much like to build a boat, and "Egoist" is definitely one of the strongest candidates so far.

Wolf, Mass., USA

A real treat, an extensive site offering free set of plans for a 5.5 water ballasted coastal sailer ...

Gavin, Great Britain

I am VERY interested into build my own sail boat and I look into Internet for ideas, plans and everything about.  I follow your links and I am looking for the Egoist Plans. Thank you very much. I think people like you deserve good winds and waves!

Sergio, Mexico

  Thanks very much for the plans.  I haven't unzipped them yet but I will do so tonight and I'm sure I'll have fun with them.

David, Kansas, USA

I wish more people would realize the potential for such inexpensive alternatives to the large/expensive deep draft yachts  that everybody thinks they need.

Dave, USA

I would like you to visit the following site: "" . Apart from a very good looking design, this site is possibly a benchmark on how to present a boatdesign, a real treat: simple and complete! Finally, please put the EGOIST site on your list of recommended links. 

Jean Pierre, Angola

EGOIST was just what I was looking for ! I am happy !

Bjørn, Norway

Excellent.I just looked at your site and find it's better than ever ! You're doing a great job.

Jeff, USA

I hope your generosity shall be rewarded by the knowledge that your design is transformed into boats that provide sailors all over the world enjoyment.

Don, Florida, USA

Félicitations pour un site qui va faire rêver beaucoup de navigateurs solitaires en quête du bateau idéal.

Laureline, France

Thats' a very interesting boat ! And good looking too.

John, USA

I love the design and think you have done an excellent job.

Herbert, New York, USA

Congratulations on such a well thought out design. It is very similar to the type of boat I may one day build.

Garry, Australia

Thank you for posting the plans online. It is rare that someone would put such a large amount of work into a project, and then share it with the world free-of-charge. Usually people immediately begin to think of the possibility of profit. It's good that you share. Perhaps more will.

Scott, California, USA

It looks like an interesting project. I would be very interested to follow your progress.

Dirk, Germany

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