Hull Plans

To freely download Egoist plans, follow the Boatyard post at the bottom of the Specifications page


Egoist is a multichine plywood boat, meant to be built in 8 mm + glassfiber + epoxy.

Plates have been calculated under a specific MS Excel program to ensure they unroll flat, upper and mid plates being cone-shaped, the under plate being cylinder-shaped. Plates will be bent quite easily except for the mid one , on about three feet behind the stem, this being due to a typical increase of crossover bending with conical expansion when you get near a vertical end. I did set a collision bulkhead in this place so that, once filled with foam such as klegecell, it can be plated with 2x4mm before stratification.

Design options are those of a modern hull, very wide with little draft, therefore giving form stability, the stem being almost vertical in order to keep a maximal waterline length despite the small size of the boat. As for the bottom, it is flat, which may theoretically be unsatisfying regarding wetted surface but is in fact adapted to a 10 average angle of heel (see water lines) and convenient for beaching.

Midship beam is rather backwards, vertical for upper plate and sloped forward underneath in order to ensure more buoyancy towards stem. For the same reason, lines were thickened forward.


EGOIST Claude L'Honnen 1999